Have a code question? Code Studio tutors can help steer you in the right direction whether you're just starting out or you're looking for a second opinion.

P.S. Please only sign up for one slot a week. Make sure the code you bring in is neatly formatted, with correct indentation and comments. We're here to help, but we won't write your code for you.

What To Do Before Your Code Studio Meeting

Want to be a tutor? Email Clement. Tutoring is a paid work-study position.


The C-List

A Google group to ask and answer questions from your peers.


Mozilla Developer Network

Usually known as MDN. The best general resource for HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You'll find it if you look up something like "drop shadow mdn."


It might be the first Google result, but steer clear! Outdated content, poor examples, no explanation, and shady business practices.


A good programming lanuage for visual and multimedia projects


The place to go for physical electronics

Stack Overflow

Have a code question? Chances are someone has already asked it on Stack Overflow.